Uni-IDM: A novel client-based agent for unified identity management

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Researcher: Prof Chris Mitchell

Research Institution: University of London


Prof Chris Mitchell from the University of London is seeking industry partners to assist in creating functional and design specifications for specific applications of Uni-IDM, a novel client-based agent for identity management.


• Uni-IDM is a novel client-based agent for unified identity management;
• It offers a simple and consistent interface to multiple Authentication Systems, for example OpenID, Open ID Connect and/or OAuth as well as basic username/password;
• Users can choose from all available authentication options through a consistent interface; and
• A prototype demonstrator exists as a Google Chrome extension.


• For consumers to empower them to see and confidently use all authentication options available, increasing their confidence in their online security;
• For enterprise to implement a form of secure but flexible single sign-on which results in both employees and employers benefiting from increased security, without needing stringent restrictions on employees’ external web use; and
• The Uni-IDM for authentication can also reassure employers that BYOD devices are being used more securely.


• End users are empowered to choose the most appropriate authentication option offered by a particular site or application via an easy-to-use and consistent interface;
• Users are also protected from phishing attacks that spoof identity providers because the RP/IdP protocol is handled by Uni-IDM itself;
• Uni-IDM needs to be a password manager in order to support username/password authentication so the user is also able to easily use managed unique secure passwords for different sites;
• If several accounts are held for the same service, for example business and personal, it is straightforward to choose the right one and different accounts may use different authentication options as appropriate; and
• Service providers can offer additional authentication options, knowing that they are much more likely to be used, and without having to implement a new protocol for Uni-IDM itself.


Industry partners are sought to assist in creating functional and design specifications for specific applications of Uni-IDM that the partner would be interested in using and or reselling.

Contact Details:

Email Prof Chris Mitchell at c.mitchell@rhul.ac.uk

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