Ultrasensitive Ion Mobility Spectrometry for the Detection of Explosives

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Researcher: Dr Robert Muir

Research Institution: ANCON Technologies Limited


ANCON Technologies Limited is seeking industry partners to commercialise their explosives detection system and participate in the creation of opportunities for potential applications.


• Novel ultrasensitive explosives detection system capable of detecting explosives from a distance;
• ANCON has developed a detector, known as nanotechnology Molecular Tagging (NMT), capable of detecting ions at concentrations many orders of magnitude less than current fielded detection systems;
• A modified IMS has been designed and built, and an interface constructed;
• The prototype device is under test and has shown detection limits <0.6ppb f


• Potential markets include vehicle checkpoints, military installations, airports and border entry points and event access points; and
• Potential end-users include military, border agencies, police forces, infrastructure protection agencies, and civilian security agencies.


• The NMT is a technology platform readily adaptable to various applications orders of magnitude lower than ppt have been measured in the laboratory and in the field;
• Such sensitivity introduces the potential of remote detection of explosives; and
• Remote and fast detection.


Industry partners are sought to commercialise the product and participate in the creation of opportunities for potential applications.

Contact Details:

Email Dr Robert Muir at robert.muir@ancontechnologies.com

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