Ten Minute Detection of Bacillus Anthracis Spores

Cardiff Uni

Researcher: Prof Les Baillie

Research Institution: Cardiff University


Prof Les Baillie from the Cardiff University is seeking industry partners provide funding to support the development of a hand-held Bacillus Anthracis detector.


• A hand-held detector for Bacillus Anthracis Spores that provides results in 10 minutes;
• Microwave assisted with a low power signature;
• Portable and GPS enable;
• Capable of remote reporting to support contamination mapping; and
• Simple red and green light reporting system.


Potential users include:
• Government including government buildings;
• First responders including police and fire brigade;
• Military;
• Security services; and
• Royal Mail.


• High speed detection;
• Adaptable to detect other agents for example currently being commercialised for medical application for rapid detection of hospital pathogen C.difficile; and
• Research team have access to real world samples from NATO to confirm the specificity and sensitivity of the detector.


Industry partners are sought to provide funding to support the development of additional Bacillus Anthracis probes, the miniaturisation and optimisation of the hand-held device and the commercialisation of the system.

Contact Details:

Email Prof Les Baillie at BaillieL@cf.ac.uk

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