Sub-Millimetre-Wave Imaging Radar

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Researcher: Matthew Oldfield

Research Institution: Rutherford Appleton Laboratory


Rutherford Appleton Laboratory is seeking industry partners to support further development of the demonstrator system of a sub-millimetre-wave imaging radar.


• Critical components for a sub-millimetre wavelength imaging radar system;
• Using short wavelengths (high frequencies around 660 GHz) will ultimately allow for high spatial resolution imaging of concealed weapons at reasonable standoff distances; and
• As well as developing critical components the project has produced a working single pixel radar laboratory demonstrator system with a minimum range resolution of 10mm.


• A full sub-millimetre imaging radar would allow real-time imaging using a modestly sized system; and
• Such technology would have applications both for checkpoint and crowded area security screening.


• Sub-millimetre-wave radiation is non-ionising and penetrates clothing; and
• Moving to shorter wavelengths has major advantages in terms of system size and spacial resolution at longer standoff ranges.


Industry partners are sought to support further development of the demonstrator system, initially by improving the packaging and adding a scanning system and software to allow imaging.

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