Secure Societies and Simulation

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Researcher: Dr Peer-Olaf Siebers

Research Institution: University of Nottingham


Dr Peer-Olaf Siebers from the University of Nottingham is seeking industry partners to support research projects and knowledge transfer partnerships.


• Design methods from software engineering are used to formally define active objects for example, passengers, staff members or vehicles and integrate these into process oriented simulation models;


• Those interested in modeling the performance of service systems;
• Those interested in testing security arrangements with hypothetical scenarios;
• Examples of every day uses include passport checking, vehicle security checking and security at mass events.


• Simulations of service systems allow for the consideration of processes as well as human behaviour;
• Such simulations can be used to more effectively allocate resources, identify savings and performance improvements; and
• Such simulations can also be used to model different hypothetical thread scenarios and the consequences of decisions made by staff.


Industry partners are sought to support research projects and knowledge transfer partnerships.

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