Rapid Testing Platform for Explosives and Other Small Molecules

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Researcher: Prof Colin Self

Research Institution: Selective Antibodies Limited


Prof Colin Self from Selective Antibodies Limited is seeking industry partners to support and fund further development and launch of the rapid testing platform.


• Proprietary platform for ultra-rapid testing of CBRN agents and explosive substances and readily expandable to other targets;
• Simple positive visual identification – the substance is ‘seen’ on the stick as a positive line;
• Simple rapid quantification/semi-quantification capability with hand-held reader or score card; and
• Existing systems ready – including PETN, RDX, HMX, TNT and CBRN agents.


• Transport facilities such as airports;
• Meeting place venues such as sports and other entertainment centres;
• Pre-blast detection such as bomb making facility detection;
• Post-blast forensic analysis; and
• Land reclamation.


• Highly portable and inexpensive system;
• Intuitive requiring only minimal user training;
• Rapid testing for individuals, groups, luggage and cargo; and
• Complementary to existing electronic systems.


Industry partners are sought to support and fund development of the platform. Support is needed to take rapid advantage of the highly competitive EU €4.4m that was awarded to develop the platform and produce the, now existing, explosive detection capability. Funding is sought to launch the first explosive detection product. Ideally, this would be equity funding or joint venture funding or licensing working with organisations with existing products in this space.

Contact Details:

Email Prof Colin Self at colinself@selectiveantibodies.com

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