Novel Passive Samplers for Semi-Targeted Explosive Vapour Screening


Researcher: Dr Leon Barron

Research Institution: Kings College London


Dr Leon Barron from Kings College London is seeking industry partners to support product optimisation and marketing of passive samplers for explosive vapour screening.


• Validated analytical method for the detection of high vapour pressure explosives;
• Passive uptake and capture of eight selected analyses demonstrated; and
• Applied to low threat explosives with successful detection of selected analyses.


• Potential markets include venue and area searches at national infrastructure sites, airports and transport systems;
• Could also be applicable to cargo screening;
• End-users include policing, military, security guards, airport staff and other organisations with an interest in explosive detection.


• Easy to use and cost effective product;
• Inconspicuous, autonomous and noes not consume any power;
• Little labour effort or experience required for product deployment and handling; and
• Compatible with all in-service analytical instruments.


Industry partners are sought to support product optimisation and marketing.

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