Massively Multi-Energy X-Ray Imaging

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Researcher: Dr Dave Clark

Research Institution: Createc


Createc is seeking industry partners who specialise in x-ray equipment to support the enhancement of their multi-energy x-ray imaging technology.


• Massively Multi-Energy x-ray imaging project formed to develop two complementary x-ray imaging technologies – diffraction and filtering of x-rays; and
• Technologies have been characterised for use in the screening for and detection of explosive materials and provide the capability of discriminating between benign and threat items that may have similar chemical compositions.


• Aimed at baggage scanning market however is applicable to any market that requires a tool to perform materials identification during an x-ray.


• The technology is suitable for any situation where material identification is required while an x-ray is taken and time is not critical.


Industry partners are sought to support a significant increase in x-ray tube power output, therefore a partner who specialises in x-ray equipment and tube manufacture would be ideal.

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