IR Stand Off for VBIED Detection at Gate

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Researcher: Dr Erwan Normand

Research Institution: Cascade Technologies


Cascade Technologies is seeking industry partners from security and defence industries to support the development of VBIED detection product.


• Proof of concept for vehicle born improvised explosive device (VBIED) detection using Cascade’s rugged Technologies stand-off gas sensing platform;
• The technology is based on the use of Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL) deployed in a spectrometer capable of detecting specific molecules in gas phase at vapour trace level (ppb);
• Cascade Technologies has already deployed QCL technologies in security applications for improvised explosive device (IED) detection;
• These deployments have all been focussed against a set of specific concept of operations (CONOPs), most notably as a walkthrough portal for aviation security checkpoints;
• More recently as an eye safe ruggedized open path version that has been developed and successfully tested for locating illegal manufacturing site of IED;
• Currently the above technology is also being integrated in X-ray hand luggage system to provide for trace detection of HMEs; and
• All systems have in common a core detection engine operating at sub second detection rates and is therefore capable of high throughputs applications.


• The VBIED detection product will be deployable at vehicle check point entries of various facilities such as airports, critical national infrastructures and government buildings.


• The VBIED detection product complements current security checkpoints and further enhances their security.


Industry partners are sought from security and defence industries to integrate in systems and market and service the technology.

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