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Researcher: Dr Sara Savage

Research Institution: University of Cambridge


Dr Sara Savage from the University of Cambridge is seeking Industry partners to commission projects and provide funding for further research into ICthinking or benefaction and social enterprise investment through the IC Training Institute.


• ICthinking courses and training enable people entrenched in inter-group conflict, extremism or sectarianism to emerge from the ‘tunnel vision’ of cognitive constriction able to utilise a broadened array of their own values thus maintaining integrity as they transform conflict and engage with difference;
• A unique ICthinking research-based structure underpins courses and training through multi-media and group learning activities that work with brain processes at a deep level, leveraging the complexity with which people view the social world (termed integrative complexity, IC);
• All courses and training undergo pre and post testing using non-fakable IC coding, analyzing the structure of thinking, empirically established to predict the peaceful resolution conflict as IC rises, whereas when IC drops, violent conflict is likely to ensue.


• Government bodies, non-government organisations, education bodies and charities for research, development, testing and dissemination of IC courses and training;
• Intervention providers (prevention workers, conflict specialists, teachers, prison/probation, social workers, teachers, counselors and religious leaders) who can receive IC training at Certificate, License and Franchise levels.
• Resource general education (primary, secondary and higher education) with the cognitive/ social skills developed in ICthinking to leverage a widespread change in cognition; and
• Commercial and professional organisations to franchise IC courses and training.


• ICthinking is the only counter-extremism method that is empirically-based and measurable and addresses the reasons why conflict resolutions efforts often fail;
• Effectiveness assessment is predictive and unfakable using IC coding; and
• ICthinking can be adapted to any extremism or conflict.


Industry partners are sought to commission projects and provide funding for further research. Benefaction and social enterprise investment through the IC Training Institute would also be welcomed.

Contact Details:

Email Dr Sara Savage at sbs21@cam.ac.uk

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