Halo Tomography

Nottingham Trent Uni

Researcher: Prof Paul Evans

Research Institution: Nottingham Trent University


Nottingham Trent University is seeking industry partners commercialise their work into Halo Tomography, accelerate product development and create a platform for new markets.


• 3D material specific imaging for the detection and identification of explosives and contraband substances in luggage and cargo.


• Potential markets include aviation, medical systems and industrial process control.


• Technological including reduced power consumption and cooling requirements, increased speed, specificity and sensitivity and reduced weight and size.
• Operational including automated explosives detection confirmation and reduced false alarms and miss rates and higher throughput and future proof.


Nottingham Trent University is seeking industry partners to provide support to develop commercial operations to match off-ramps from research and development programmes, accelerate product development to seek early international sales in aviation security and create a solid platform from which new markets, such as medical and industrial process control, can be developed and exploited.

Contact Details:

Email Prof Paul Evans at paul.evans@ntu.ac.uk

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