Enhanced Certificate Transparency (ECT)

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Researcher: Prof Mark Ryan

Research Institution: University of Birmingham


Prof Mark Ryan from the University of Birmingham is seeking investors, industry partners, developers and potential users to support the development of a secure key authentication mechanism.


• Secure user-oriented key authentication mechanism
• Provides secure certificate management removing need to trust certificate authorities
• Enhances Google’s certificate transparency technology with certificate revocation capabilities
• Uses highly optimised data structures to provide fast and efficient security proofs


• Organisations which rely on public key infrastructure
• Environments which require public key verification and freshness


• Authenticates public keys using an append-only public log
• Uses efficient data structures to provide certificate revocation proofs
• Was implemented for use in CT-Mail


Investors, industry partners, developers and potential users are sought to support the development of ECT.

Contact Details:

Email Prof Mark Ryan at m.d.ryan@cs.bham.ac.uk

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