Researcher: Richard Hartley

Research Institution: Cambridge Judge Business School


Richard Hartley of Cambridge Judge Business School is seeking industry partners to support the development of Cytora, analytic technology that monitors the web to discover real-time political risks.


• Political risk analytics platform that uses web-based data to provide real-time (geo)political risk assessments to organizations that operate in volatile, emerging or complex markets.
• The solution allows users to customize their risk assessment to capture information relevant to their businesses and includes alerts for immediate updates when conditions suddenly change.


• Insurance – underwriters and actuaries
• Defense – analysts
• Corporates – threat intelligence analysts
• Capital Markets – buy side and sell side traders and risk management and research departments


• Technology detects incoming instability in different locations using data on the web.
• Early warning of future instability and unrest enabling organizations to take out risk mitigation measures to protect physical and liquid assets.
• Customisable to only capture relevant information.
• Multiple views to save time and deepen insight.
• Single cloud-based platform to view risk data.


Industry partners are sought to support the further development of Cytora, including partners who can enable and accelerate customer relationships and future funding.

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