Cybersecurity Ethics


Researcher: Professor Tom Sorell

Research Institution: University of Warwick


Professor Tom Sorell and his team at the University of Warwick are seeking partners who require training, consultancy and briefings on ethical issues in cybersecurity and also to support research projects and knowledge transfer partnerships.


High-level training courses, consultancy, and tailored briefings on ethical issues that arise in cybersecurity, including in the areas of privacy by design and preventive or offensive online strategies as applied both in government and commercial sectors.


  • Government including defence analysts
  • Software developers
  • Technology developers
  • Threat intelligence and cybersecurity analysts


  • A highly experienced team offering bespoke consulting and training on ethical issues.
  • Training that is practical and constructive, aimed towards developing practices that are consistent with ethical and human rights commitments and useful to end users.
  • High academic credentials, bringing accessibility to the latest research.
  • Facilitation of on-going reflection as well as concrete proposals where appropriate. Objective and confidential advice on ethical and fundamental rights issues.


Industry and government partners are sought as course recipients, and further, to support research projects and knowledge transfer partnerships.

Contact Details:

Email Professor Tom Sorell at

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