Confi-Chair – In Browser Cryptography

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Researcher: Prof Mark Ryan

Research Institution: University of Birmingham


Prof Mark Ryan from the University of Birmingham is seeking investors, industry partners, developers and potential users to support the development of in browser cryptography technology.


• Confidentiality focused system that supports applications, evaluations, and decisions
• Cryptographically protects the applications, evaluations, and decisions from the cloud provider
• Provides differentiated access control allowing applications to be submitted and evaluated by panel members


• Users of online systems that involve and application process and a separate evaluation process, for example, online recruitment or tender management systems
• Users of systems that require a high level of privacy


• Uses private and symmetric keys which are stored in a KeyPurse
• KeyPurse is protected with a secure password derived key which allows the KeyPurse to be stored on the server and facilitates the use of ConfiChair from anywhere
• Uses a method of data re-encryption to enable the administrative role user, such as the conference chair or platform manager, to provide differentiated access control
• Re-encryption process is performed offline without the server seeing any decrypted text
• Uses Stanford JavaScript Crypto Library (SJCL) and HTML5 to enable cryptographic functionality in modern browsers
• Tests have shown that the in-browser key-translation can be performed in less than 5 minutes for 1000 papers
• Works under the malicious-but-cautious threat model which assumes that the cloud will try to access (and process) the information it receives but only if it is impossible to detect


Investors, industry partners, developers and potential users are sought to support the development of Confi-Chair.

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