Biometric Systems

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Researcher: Dr Richard Guest

Research Institution: University of Kent


Dr Richard Guest from the University of Kent can support industry partners through the provision of biometric systems advice on a consultancy basis.


• Research and implementation advice on biometric technologies for security and identity verification purposes;
• Research advice ranges from development of biometric modality features, classification, usability assessment, data and protocol standardisation issues and interaction of biometric features to other facets of identity; and
• Examples of work include the development of an interaction framework for the assessment of biometric systems and users and an exploration of biometric features in relation to subject personality, physiology and cyber-behaviour.


• Systems integrators;
• Intelligence and forensic agencies;
• Government departments using or considering biometrics for identification purposes; and
• End-users looking to adopt novel biometric solutions within mobile or static systems.


• Biometric systems provide a flexible, ubiquitous solution for identity assessment;
• Work by research team on attributing and metricizing usage errors to systems and subjects allows for administrators to obtain a clearer understanding of performance problems;
• Technical involvement of research team in the development of national, european and international standards enables the provision of first hand knowledge on adoption and conformance; and
• Work by research team in establishing links between biometric features and other components of identity enable exploration of subject-specific attribution incorporating met-data not normally assessed.


Biometric systems advice can be provided to industry partners on a consultancy basis.

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