System Security and Expert Opinions

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Researcher: Prof Uwe Aickelin

Research Institution: University of Nottingham


Prof Uwe Aickelin from the University of Nottingham is seeking industry partners for wider applications of a methodology that measures variations in assessments by security experts. Funding is also sought to engage a post-doctoral research fellow.


• The subjective opinions of security experts are used to assess the security of system this is often the only way to make such assessments, especially in early design stages; and
• The methodology allows for the explicit measurement of variations in assessments by security experts and produces an assessment that accounts for it using a mixture of Fuzzy Logic and Machine Learning.


• Expert panels rating the security of systems; and
• System developers, particular during the early design stage who are looking for a security assessment.


• Scientific and repeatable way of measuring scenario difficulty;
• Able to measure individual and group agreement and expertise;
• Able to identify outliers where there is potential for training or knowledge creation;
• Able to visualise cohesion and difference in teams and between teams; and
• Able to determine the optimal number of decision makers needed.


The initial methodology has been developed and applied to a small number of scenarios. Industry partners are sought for wider applications of the methodology. Funding is also sought to engage a post-doctoral research fellow.

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